What is the truth about microfibre?

Microfibre and the environment: Cotton vs Microfibre.

Water Usage

Cotton crops require huge amounts of water for irrigation, and as most growers utilise both fertilisers and insecticides in the production of the crop, the impact on local water tables and waterways is significant.

In addition, during the milling and weaving of cotton textiles, thousands of gigalitres of water are used in the dyeing of terry cotton cloth which is then released into local waterways. Microfibre, being a synthetic textile, is produced and dyed using a fraction of the water to produce the same amount of cloth.

Energy Usage

Microfibre is made up of tiny strands thinner than a human hair. This is what gives it its high absorbency. Despite its light weight, microfibre can hold up to 7 times its own weight in water.

For the same reason, microfibre dries much faster than cotton. It dries up to three times faster than cotton terry towelling, yet uses significantly less power as the clothes drier uses a much lower temperature to dry. This translates into hundreds of gigawatts of energy saved by those using microfibre products.

Figure 1. Cotton terry cloth.
Figure 2. Microfiber.

Long Lifespan

Anyone who’s ever cleaned the lint filter on their clothes dryer knows that even the best quality cotton sheds lint. That is why cotton towels and clothing have a lifespan. Microfibre does NOT shed lint – ever. This means the lifespan of microfibre is as long as you want it to be.


Being a synthetic product means that microfibre is recyclable, which reduces landfill.

What size are your towels?

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